P&G - Brand Expressions

During the summer of 2020, I had the incredible opportunity to work as a Brand Expressions Co-Op for P&G Fabric Care. Under this role, I was able to successfully build concepts and execute the visual strategy for the Downy brand across various consumer touchpoints. Throughout the summer, I attended weekly growth and learnings meetings to synthesize consumer feedback and deliver findings to the team, conducted audits of competitive brands across various media and e-commerce platforms to identify opportunities for the Downy company, and helped plan and coordinate an entire virtual Fabric Care Summit experience.

The biggest project I was tasked with was coordinating with multi-functional partners via remote platforms such as Mural (depicted below) to both facilitate and participate in remote design sprints. After joining up with various Sprint and remote collaboration experts, I was able to create a comprehensive list of top tips, tools, remote learning strategies, and the similarities / differences between remote and in-person sprints. Mural played an integral part in this, along with experiencing a remote Design Scurry firsthand with the Downy ’22 ideation Scurry. Following this, I put together a recap deck to summarize the experience. Using this information, I created an addendum to the Sprint Practitioner’s Guide on How to Facilitate Best-in-Class Remote Design Sprints to share with multi-functional partners.

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